Unicorn Cove offers a variety of services to help you improve your life and get the help you need. If you live too far away to come in to our facility many of our services are available online with Skype video or by phone.   All services are conducted by owner/headmaster Ahura Z. Diliiza personally or by assistants he has trained.


Telepathic Readings $30 /15 minutes   $45 / 30 minutes   Available in person, by phone, or Skype video.

Parties – $300 for the first 2 hours, $100 each additional hour (travel expenses extra)

Ahura Z – the job of a reader To learn more about readings with Ahura Z, click the play button to hear him speaking about what the job of a Reader is (from his weekly radio show Ask the Unicorn)

Telepathic Spiritual Counseling $75 / hour Removing obstacles and overcoming addictions, strength and beauty reclamation soul retrieval, life decisions. Also help with specific life issues and development of spiritual gifts. A Telepathic Spiritual Counseling is guidance, to help a person get free of things that are bothering them and manifest things that are waiting for them. Available for individuals. For couples and families please contact us for rates. If you have questions you need answers to, help with an issue in your life or just want to talk appointments can be made at the above rates to speak personally with Ahura Z.

Private consultation with Ahura Z.

Astrological Charts $100 includes chart and 1-hour explanation session

Vibrational Frequency $120 / session
Ahura Z’s own form of music therapy which puts your personal vibration to music. Includes studio time and CD.

Energy Work $60 / hour as needed (contact us for a consultation)


Other services available
(on a case-by-case basis, please contact us to set up a consultation)


  • Video Game Therapy
  • Unicorn Light Healing  If you are in need of healing just come in!  Available for humans and animals.
  • Fire Bath Uses glass cups and heat to draw toxins from the body, allowing the body to heal faster. May also be used in conjunction with Energy Work.
  • Paranormal Investigation Including house cleaning, property blessing, and/or entity removal if necessary.  For more information visit:
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Exorcism
  • Spellwork (of Light only!) and Spell/Curse Removal

All services are available by appointment only. If you would like more information, or to set up an appointment to receive a service, please contact us.  All payments for services are final.


We also can provide group intensives, clinics and lectures in a wide variety of subjects at our location or yours.
Is your group or team in need of further training or a better understanding of a specific subject?

Unicorn Light Healing on an injured horse.

Unicorn Light Healing on an injured horse.

Some examples:

  • Unicorn Light Healing methods and energy-work techniques for doctors, nurses and other health-care professionals
  • Animal healing and communication for farms, barns, shelters and others working closely with animals (can also provide emergency and specific-case clinics for injured animals)
  • Psychic protection and detection strategies for Paranormal investigation and research groups (how to keep yourself and your team safe while on an investigation)
  • Physical self-defense techniques (for women and men)
  • Lecturing at your event (such as this Paranormal Faire–video links here and here)

Contact us for information and to let us know your need (pricing and availability may vary).

Team sit down with Z

As Case Manager for Maine Paranormal Society, I invited Z to come meet with the team and give the investigators advice on preventing spirit from following us home after an investigation. Not only did he do this, he read each investigator accurately. He advised in a gentle, nurturing way while still being honest about the situation each investigator was in.

We hope to have Z back on a regular basis. Investigators found him informative and felt they could "listen to him all night". He gave us alot to think about individually, alot to talk about as a team and even pushed some boundaries. Exactly what we need to jump start a new year of investigating.

Thank you Z, we see your service and sacrifice to others and appreciate your efforts.

Jennifer Moreau

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