We offer both private and group classes, in single workshops and 6-week sessions, available in person at our facility in Casco, Maine.  Also available online with Ahura Z using Skype video so anyone anywhere can take advantage of learning through Unicorn Cove.

Payment for classes must be made in advance.  All payments are final.  Payments can be made in person, by phone or using the “Pay Now” button on any page in this website.

For more information please contact us to set up an appointment to speak with Ahura Z.

If you are not ready for classes but would like help with a specific problem or issue in your life, Ahura Z also offers telepathic readings and spiritual counseling.




Private Workshops


Ahura Z. Fort KnoxThese typically run 1-2 hours and are available for individuals or groups.  Come to our facility in Casco, Maine or attend online using Skype video.  Groups can be both online and in house if some members are too far away to attend in person (we may also be able to travel to your location–contact us to discuss options).

Pricing is: $75/individual, $125/2 people, $175/3 people, $200/4 people.  For groups of 5 or more contact us for individual needs and discounted pricing.


  • Introduction to Unicorn Light Healing and Basic Energy Work  Learn the basics of Ahura’s own potent form of healing and energy work.
  • Paranormal Investigation: how to avoid an attachment  Geared specifically toward paranormal investigation teams but helpful for anyone who explores haunted spaces.  One of our most popular workshops.  
  • Basic Psychic Self Defense: keep yourself and your energy protected  Good for anyone who is concerned with keeping their self and their energy safe.  Especially helpful for those who work or live with others who are draining their energy.
  • What’s in a name: introduction to Vibrational Frequency  More about Vibrational Frequency here.
  • Animal Healing and Communication  For farms, barns, shelters and pet owners; anyone working closely with animals (can also provide emergency and specific-case clinics for injured animals)
  • Introduction to Numerology: how to understand numbers in your life  Learn how numbers impact your life and how to use them to improve your life
  • Talking to your Mitochondria: using your mind to heal your body
  • Introduction Fire Bath and the use of fire cups  Ancient technique using glass cups and heat to draw toxins from the body, allowing the body to heal faster.
  • Dance for life!: using dance to increase your energy, health and prosperity  Learn how to incorporate dance to improve your life.
  • Soul Dancing: learn to move with the rhythm of your soul  Learn to dance from your soul, no matter what your level of experience.
  • Panther Tai Chi: beginning movements  
  • Street Smart Self Defense: Aikido and Taikwando  for women and men
  • Dream Interpretation: what your dreams are telling you  
  • Soul Travel: guided meditation to find and build your true place in the Universe  
  • Talk to Your People: communicating with your other selves to manifest what you need
  • Basic Manifestation: understanding the laws of attraction  Introduction to how to manifest what you want and need in your life
  • Video Game Therapy: using video games to overcome fears and phobias  more info here
  • Beginning Mysticsm  Introduction to Unicorn Light Mysticism, the core of Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics
  • Mystic Wine Making: use fruits, herbs and teas to concoct your own magical brew



Private Classes


These classes are for individuals and are offered in 6 week sessions, with 2 one-hour classes per week at our facility in Casco, Maine or online using Skype video.  Pricing is $600 per session, one subject per session.  Students wishing to explore various classes may choose among the individual classes listed above or request an introductory course in the subject of their choosing at $75 for an hour-long class.  


Astrology – learn the basics (or more advanced features) of astrology and astrological chart construction
Numerology – learn how to understand and apply the use of numbers in your life
Tarot – learn the meanings of the cards and how to use your deck to give accurate readings
Dreaming and Dream Interpretation – learn how to dream lucidly, how to understand and affect your dreams and how to interpret yours and others dreams
Psychic Development – learn how to develop your psychic ability
Mysticism and Spellwork – learn how to positively affect and change your life with Unicorn Light Magic, Ahura Z’s own form of mysticism.
Unicorn Light Healing – heal yourself and others using Ahura Z’s own form of healing techniques
Psychic Self-Defense – learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones from psychic attack, spells and negative attachments
Psychic Police Training* – learn psychic protection and defense, curse removal, spell-breaking, energy cleaning and negative entity removal.
Soul Travel – contact us for more information
Vibrational Frequency – more about Vibrational Frequency here
General Personal Development – learn how to develop and focus your own natural gifts and abilities and improve your life

Ahura also teaches psychometry/telemetry, physical fitness/strength training and martial arts (including Tai Chi and Aikido), visual arts, music and vocalism, creative composition and dance (including belly dance, Hula, hip-hop, urban, ballroom and interpretive).  Contact us if you are interested in learning any of these disciplines as the time and pricing structure may differ.

*Prospective students for Psychic Police Training must show a natural predilection and be disciplined and committed to long-term training. Scheduling and pricing is different from above classes as this is highly specialized training. Visit for more information and set up an appointment to speak with Z about training.