Welcome to Unicorn Cove online!

Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics is a full-service spiritual learning center located in Casco, Maine. We teach private and group classes in a wide array of metaphysical and spiritual disciplines, offer services to help you find your path and change your life, and host workshops and events. .

Our purpose is to create a haven for seekers of beauty, truth and understanding, our goal is to bring about positivity and light, and to educate in the matters of the metaphysical, the spiritual, the paranormal and the mystical.

Unicorn Cove sits on three lovely acres in beautiful Casco in the heart of Maine’s lakes region. In addition to activities and events here at our facility we also regularly teach online via webcam so you can take advantage of our classes and services from anywhere in the world (some services are also offered from our bakery in Standish, Maine).

Unicorn Cove is owned and operated by Ahura Z. Diliiza, master metaphysician and paranormal expert with nearly 30 years teaching experience. Whether you are looking to master the metaphysical arts, develop your gifts or simply learn how to improve your life you have come to the right place.


Private Classes


To learn more about Ahura Z’s teaching style, visit the website of our live weekly webcast Ask The Unicorn where you can hear answers to a variety of metaphysical, spiritual and paranormal questions asked to Ahura Z online.  www.asktheunicorn.com.