Vibrational Frequency

Vibrational Frequency is a unique form of music therapy created by Ahura Z Diliiza. It consists of combination of tones prepared according to your specific vibration and then recorded as an MP3 or on a physical CD. It is used to enhance your vibration and help connect you with your higher self.  With this technique Ahura Z can “re-create” you up to five times, there by pushing those things away that do not belong in your frequency field.  Your positive vibration becomes a shield protecting you from negative vibrations so that you are free to evolve and grow.

Vibrational Frequencies are utilized by Unicorn Cove students and customers for a great many purposes. They can be used as accompaniment during ceremonies and spellwork, used as background music during meditation or played at night during sleep.

Playing your Vibrational Frequency on a regular basis can:

  • enhance creativity and clarity
  • bring about peace
  • make you more resistant to programming (especially when played at night during sleep)
  • make your spells more powerful
  • help in the healing process
  • increase your awareness
  • bring about positive change in your life
  • facilitate your spiritual evolution


Vibrational Frequency sessions generally run approximately two hours. Ahura Z. will work with you through Skype, Facebook Messenger, phone or in person at his facility in Casco, Maine to find your own specific frequency. Using electronic music equipment to access a vast array of musical instruments, sounds and rhythms, he will create — through sound — your personal vibration. He will then augment the sounds to enhance your vibration. Depending on your specific need, you may also be given some affirmations to speak and record over the track. When your session is finished and the arrangement complete, you will receive an MP3 of your personal vibration or, if you choose, a physical CD.

If you are not able to come into the studio, it is still possible to have your Vibrational Frequency recorded and sent to you (anywhere in the world).  Sessions can also be conducted via Skype video or phone.  Gift Certificates also available.  Contact us for more information about having your Vibrational Frequency done.

Vibrational Frequency sessions are $120.