Online Services

We use Skype video for our online classes and services because it is free, reliable and allows Ahura Z to interact face-to-face with students and customers even if they are far away (so whether you are in Australia or China or Seattle Washington you can still talk to Z in person!).

Skype is easy to set up on your computer and is also available for some hand-held devices.

To use Skype for classes you will need to have a reliable internet connection and a webcam. You can learn more about Skype and download for free at

Please make sure everything is configured correctly before setting up your appointment with Ahura Z.

Classes are available by Skype only if you have a webcam set up for video. We do not use Skype for voice only or for typing.

Also, Skype is not a reliable way to get in touch with us as we only use it for appointments. If you want to contact us please call or email.