Welcome to Unicorn 1 Records

Welcome to our new website! We are a small, independently owned record label owned by Ahura Z. Diliiza, metaphysician, teacher and musician who writes, performs and records all the tracks you will find on this website.  His specialty is to create music that promotes peace, strength, beauty and freedom (but he also likes to put out the occasional humorous or farcical track as well!)

On this site you will find music in a variety of genres, all written, played performed and recorded by Ahura (sometimes with his wife Sinari adding her voice as well).  There are tracks for meditation, dreaming and Tai Chi; there are specific tracks for spellwork and magic, there are tracks for inspiration and strength; there are tracks for belly dance and Hula; there are some just plain silly tracks and there are lots of tracks available to license for your film or other project.

Our music caters to those of a positive nature. From peaceful meditative albums to heart-thumping, foot-stomping spellwork tracks, if you’re looking for music to bring Light to your life you’ve come to the right place!

We are in the midst of a complete overhaul, so please be patient as we get everything set up and working properly.

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